In the spring of 2023, Tommy Green Jr is riding a wave of momentum built on years of cultivating a brand-new and critically acclaimed headlining show onboard the world’s largest and newest cruise ships, and the May 15th release of a new album filled to the brim with infectious hooks and grooves entitled “Burnin’ One For Love”.

Since the fall of 2021 Tommy has returned to the cruise ship scene, performing his multi-instrumentalist, comedy and sing-along antics backed by the ship-board orchestras in the main theatre of over 20 different cruise ships.

This success has helped Tommy inspire the upcoming release of a new record with Halifax-based producer Alex Meade. The 2021 release of his single “So Long” was a sneak-peek at the style of this record – full of funky beats, pristine production and guest appearances from some of Atlantic Canada’s most celebrated musicians like Roxy Mercier, Leith Flemming Smith, Laura Roy, Jody Lyne, Sean Weber, Lindsay Misiner, and a secret special guest – TBA.

Tommy Green Jr is thrilled to be bringing this new record on the road with an absolutely allstar-lineup band. Leaning on the lessons he’s learned at sea, Tommy’s new live show will be a party from start to finish, with lots of surprises along the way.