For singer, songwriter, and producer Reeny when you strip everything else away, the very heart of her sound is the relationship between her and the piano. A connection she has nurtured since she was just five years old, spurred on by a profoundly musical family.

Recently, her music has been heard in TV shows like CBC’s Diggstown (“Goodbye,” “#4”), Amazon’s The Lake (“The Warmup”), and Hudson & Rex (“Lovers Like You,” “You Got It”). Fresh off a national tour with Classified, she has also travelled to Japan to write and cut songs with artists like J. Sheon, FEMM (Avex), and XPXP. And she’s shared the stage with Grammy Award-winning artists like Anderson Paak and Lisa Fischer as well as graced the stages of Manifesto Festival (Toronto), A3C Festival (Atlanta), and a fusion concert with Symphony Nova Scotia.

And that’s not to mention her awards and accolades. Early on, Reeny won the prestigious Portia White Award for Excellence in Vocal Performance and the Nova Scotia Talent Trust Scholarship. Since then, she’s received three African Nova Scotia Music Awards (Up and Coming Artist, Rising Star, and Artist of the Year), has twice been named Music Nova Scotia’s African Canadian Artist of the Year, and been nominated for numerous East Coast Music Awards.

Her distinctive production style—building songs from the vocals up and utilizing heavy experimentation—has already made an impact through her sister Haliey’s single “Fall In Love,” and will continue to shape Reeny’s own work going forward.