Perth-Andover, NB

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August 9–13, 2023

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The Neqotkuk youth drum group founded in the early 2000s at the Mah-sos school in the Wolastoqey community of Neqotkuk also known as Tobique First nation. The group consists of various youth and a few older members of the community who help to teach the youth the songs and the Wolastoqey language. The youth members of the group are: Buck Bear , Darrien Bear, Shawn Deveau Jr., Shylen sappier, Dain Martin, Wyatt Moulton, Zorro Sappier, The two older Members are Julian Moulton and Charles Nicholas,which are also two of the orginal members of the Neqotkuk community drum group founded by the late Charles Diamond Nicholas.