LCH Rock n Roll Boot Camp

PLEASE NOTE: If your child is selected to participate in the 2023 LCH Rock n Roll Boot Camp their registration fee ($150.00) is required PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY of camp. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we are making every effort to keep camp costs as reasonable as possible. To discuss your child’s participation please see the contact information noted at the bottom of this application.

Please fill out the form below or contact us at larleecreek.hullabaloo@gmail.com or 1 877 778 7271 to find out more.

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LCH Rock n Roll Boot Camp 2023

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Boot Camp Information:

  • Rock n Roll Boot Camp will run from Tuesday, August 8th  – Saturday, August 12th, daily (Tues-Fri) from 9am – 3pm;
  • Lunch will be provided for students; (Please advise if your child has any dietary restrictions);
  • Week will be made up of a series of workshops, one-on-one instructions and rehearsals with a band to prepare to perform live on Saturday in the community of Perth-Andover (time tbd);
  • All participants will get to perform a minimum of one song with their “band” on Saturday, August 12th; and
  • Live show on Saturday, August 12th will be from 11:00am – 12:15pm tentative.

For more information:  Email us at larleecreek.hullabaloo@gmail.com, call 877-778-7271, or contact Terry Whalen at terry.whalen@nbed.nb.ca

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Larlee Creek Hullabaloo

a commotion; a fuss.
synonyms: fuss, commotion, uproar, clamor, hubbub, ruckus, brouhaha.
Annually each August in Perth-Andover, NB.

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