Elsye Aeryn

Singer-songwriter Elyse Aeryn is known for her fiery and rebellious rock and roll. Her bluesy melodies paired with her bold, warm voice make for an authentic and ageless sound.

For Elyse, a lifelong writer, the words and stories come first. She pens lyrics that tell the truth about her own life in the hope they will illuminate the truth in someone else’s. You can practically taste the inner strength and resilience in her music. Its gritty and passionate and real.

After a decade in the corporate world, music called for a bigger part in Elyse’s life and she’s answering that call with all she’s got. After recently sharing the stage with names like Blue Rodeo, The Crash Test Dummies, Matt Minglewood, and Robyn Ottolini, she is releasing her debut album March 31st, 2023.