Perth-Andover, NB

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August 10–14, 2022

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The Larlee Creek Hullabaloo will be held August 10–14, 2022 in Perth-Andover, NB. Our program currently consists of over 30 showcases comprised of approximately 20 artists/groups. Our festival programs multiple high-quality genres of primarily (but not exclusively) East Coast musicians. Please note that our program includes invited and submitting artists who fit within the vision we have for the festival.

Please note that submissions are now closed for the 2022 Larlee Creek Hullabaloo. Thank you to all who expressed an interest in performing at the festival.

Please note that unfortunately, we are not able to respond to every email/submission that we receive. If you are selected as a performer for the 2022 LCH or should we require further information, we will contact you. Keep in mind that we are introduced to many amazing artists that we are just not able to accommodate for any number of reasons, and we receive many more submissions than our program allows.

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Applications are now being accepted for 2022. If you wish to participate as a Concessions Vendor, please take the time to fill out the following form.

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Larlee Creek Hullabaloo

a commotion; a fuss.
synonyms: fuss, commotion, uproar, clamor, hubbub, ruckus, brouhaha.
Annually each August in Perth-Andover, NB.

Photos by Courtney Black Photography

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