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Andrew Waite

The crackle of a needle on a record; the static hum of an old car radio; the uneven growl of an amp warming up. Fall into these spaces between music and listener, between rawness and electricity, and you’ll pinpoint the genesis of Canadian singer-songwriter Andrew Waite’s sound: rugged yet fresh, dynamic yet timeless, and above all else, honest.

Andrew Waite’s passion for songwriting, stage performance and education bleeds into the music he crafts—his songs embody unmistakably real emotion, producing a delightfully unique experience when paired with his energetic live-show style. And that passion is really paying off: in the midst of his most successful few years to date, Andrew Waite’s most recent, self titled album (2021), garnered Waite 10 awards and nominations, including four East Coast Music Awards nominations and six Music PEI award nominations.

Mixing folksy vocals with high-powered instrumentals, Andrew Waite’s approach to songwriting and performance is inspired by a range of artists, including Dan Mangan, Glen Hansard, Jason Isbell, and Bruce Springsteen. From sold-out concerts with 10-piece bands and booming horn sections—to pared-down, intimate acoustic sessions—Andrew’s range speaks to his refusal to be boxed in.

Never one to limit himself, Andrew Waite’s zeal for music extends beyond song-writing and performance into the realm of music education. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Memorial University and is the owner of a summer rock camp, Island Rock Camps (www.islandrockcamps.com). The camp, which sees over 100 students each year, seeks to inspire youth in the arts by bringing professional musicians and students together to perform and write. Andrew has brought workshops to festivals across Canada and has also worked extensively as a music director, overseeing multiple projects throughout the province.. There’s no doubt that Andrew is a natural-born leader: in his band, in the charts, and to his hundreds of music students.