Luring you in with her powerful and expressive voice, Jessie Brown is a siren perched atop the rocky shores of Halifax, Nova Scotia. With her power trio’s dark and moody take on Rock n’ Roll, the band combines vocal wails reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant or Janis Joplin with distorted, saturated bass tones and rounded out by thunderous rhythmic drums. Once described as Aretha Franklin singing for Queens Of The Stone Age, this Doom Soul trio will entice you to shore, crush your expectations, and keep your heart as a souvenir.

A versatile performer, Jessie has performed as a backup vocalist for artists such as Dwight Twilley, Erin Costelo, Asia & Nugruv, Charlie A’Court, Heather Green, Jon Epworth, We’re Doomed, Lazarus Project and as lead vocalist with The Mellotones, Rob Crowell, Larry Bjornson, Jeff Goodspeed and Havanafax’s Jorge Chicoy, Silvio Pupo Montero, and Avi Garcia.