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Camping is not included in your ticket price but can be purchased separately from Baird’s* Campground. It is also important to note your Hullabaloo ticket provides access to the festival grounds, not to the campground.

For The Hullabaloo weekend, the campground is specially reserved for Hullabaloo Weekend Pass holders only!

The Larlee Creek Hullabaloo is growing in popularity and size and are fortunate to have nearby camping available to festival-goers. Baird’s Campground, in support of the Larlee Creek Hullabaloo, graciously, have coordinated efforts to be able to offer this service to festival-goers.

*Larlee Creek Hullabaloo Inc. is not affiliated with Baird’s Campground (but only a stone’s throw away). For further camping information and rules please contact Baird’s Campground at 1-506-273-3080.